Gelato Lab

inDulgenz is one of the best gelato labs in South Africa. We are proudly independent and make all our gelato in our Gelato Lab, in Port Shepstone.

At inDulgenz, we take an artisan approach to every batch of gelato that we make. We are constantly training and consulting to perfect the art and recipes.

We use local ingredients whenever possible and we offer a variety of flavours from traditional Italian to modern fusion.

Thus our gelato recipes are refined from time to time however it will always be crafted in the traditional Italian way.

We handcraft in small batches where each flavour is made individually. Gelato with ripples and additions such as Fruit, Chocolate, Fudge and Nut pieces are added and folded in by hand.

The ageing process of gelato is essential to ensure it maintains a smooth, dense texture and consistency, so we age our white base for 12 hours.