Our Story

Welcome to inDulgenz!

inDulgenz Artisanal Ice Cream creates Small Batch Artisanal Gelato made from natural ingredients, daily. We do not use preservatives or eggs in our gelato. Our recipes are made with the traditional gelato white base and produces a dense, smooth and creamy gelato. 

South African Roots. Italian Inspired.

inDulgenz is the brainchild of Claudia Langlois-Davey. I was inspired and taught by the internationally renowned, SVH Master Ice Maker, Joep Biemans. I looked forward to Joep’s bi-annual visits to South Africa as I was able to tap into his wealth of knowledge. Questioning and soaking up all the information that I could. Churning gelato was my hobby that soon developed into an artisanal Gelato Lab supplying local customers and restaurants.

About Joep Biemans

Joep Biemans is from Holland. He began making ice cream in 1972. Joep has been SVH Master Ice Maker since 1993. He is one of the authors of the new Hygiene Code for Ice Making. In 2010, when he retired as chairman of the Meesterijsbereiders, the Daan Blei medal was awarded for his years of dedication within the artisanal ice cream industry. “The craft must always be at the forefront of an ice cream maker,” says Joep Biemans. “So don’t use powders, but know what to put in your ice cream. Be 100 percent occupied with that all day long. Always wonder why a consumer should come to your salon.” (Excerpt from SVH Meestertitels)